Website Redesign

Website Enhancement & Maintenance

You can hire the team at CyberCrow to make small or large updates to your website — even if your website is designed by someone else and hosted by someone else.

  • We can update any website. Really!
  • Small changes cost only small money (billed at 15 minute increments).No contract required   (Effective 01/2017 all clients require a retainer agreement)
  • Fast turnaround times for our customers. First call usually takes sometime because we would have to setup billing information, access credentials etc.
  • Based in Birmingham and in Atlanta — bring your changes to our office and watch us update your website. Fixing of typographical mistakes, price changes can’t be easier than that!
  • Flat Fee maintenance available for online businesses and large websites

We Repair Websites!

Have a website but doesn’t do anything? Please call us for a facelift. Check out our [[Website Portfolio]]

  • Database Updates
  • Content Management Systems and Template Changes
  • Website Redesign

Frequently Asked Questions

$Q$ What is the turnaround time?

$A$ Usually same business day or the next business day.
Typical maintenance activities performed within 15 minutes of billing time are: Price Changes, Address Change, Add a New Employee, Remove an Employee, Add a new Article, Fix typographical mistakes, Add a new Picture, Add a new Press Release

$Q$ My previous designer didn’t give me the password for my website. How will you update?

$A$ Please call 205-251-5966 for assistance.
If you can demonstrate that you are the legitimate owner of the website, we can help by dealing with the registrars like Go Daddy, Network Solutions etc.

$Q$ Can you set me up so I can make my own updates?

$A$ Yes. We use WordPress as engine for our websites, so most likely you can make your own updates.
Most our customers however call us to make updates. That allows us to cleverly optimize the content for maximum exposure to search engines by use of correct meta-tags, descriptions, keywords  and delivery of the new updates via pings and broadcasts.

$Q$ Can you help me come up on the first page of Google?

$A$ Yes! Check out our Search Engine Packages. The easiest way to come up on the first page of Google is actually to pay Google. (We will do it for you)

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