About Us

About CyberCrow

Started in 1995

While they were graduate students at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Hiryoung Kim and Vikas Kamat wanted to build a technology company servicing local industries and institutions. They started by offering software development and consulting services to steel mills located in Birmingham, and then grew it to cover telecom, insurance and educational content segments.

About the Name CyberCrow

Till year 1999, virtually every project we had completed for our customers was actually started by another company, had run into problem, and we had asked to rescue it. So we’d call ourselves “software janitors” or “software scavengers” jokingly, and decided to glorify a natural scavenger (crow), which is also known for its intelligence and team work. At that time the dot-com boom was in full swing and virtually all names were taken, but we found that CyberCrow.com was still available.


Our goals at CyberCrow is to enable our customers so they can serve their customers.

We are a 100% customer oriented company, and compete based on superior understanding of customer’s business and pain points. We go out of the way to earn customer’s confidence and we are proud to say most of our business has come from repeat customers.

Senior Management

Vikas Kamat

M.S. (Comp. Sc.) Univ. Ala. Birmingham,
B.S. (Comp. Sc.) University of Mysore, India

Kamat has over fifteen years of digitalmarketing and consulting  experience

Hiryoung Kim

Ph.D. (Comp. Sc) Univ. Ala. Birmingham,
M.S (Comp. Sc.) Univ. Ala. Birmingham,
B.S. (Mathematics) Univ. Oregon

Dr. Kim has over fifteen years of consulting & project management experience.

Our advisors include senior managers and exceptional technologists.
Our partners include Microsoft, Apple, Google, Birmingham Lights, Lyons Computers

Contact Us

CyberCrow Inc.,
225 Creek Stone Ridge Suite #1
Woodstock, GA 30188
(678) 826-2769