Our Technology

Our proprietary technology gives our clients a competitive advantages and cuts time-to-market in our app development life cycles.

The following are some of the technology solutions we have developed for customers. Contact us so we can put our expertise to work for your organization.

Apple NewsStand Apps

Have content, let us help monetize your digital assets via Apple iTunesConnect, Apple NewsStand.

Content Constellations

Have content? Mine it to discover hidden gems! Our Content Constellation technology discovers underutilized content to increase revenue and spread reach. By using a rule based system, build a smart system that builds on human intelligence and machine-learnt patterns.

Single Sign On (SSO) Passports

Have multiple sites with their own logins, avatars and passwords? Make life easier for your users, and integrate them with our SSO technology. Linux, ASP, Forums, PHP, ASP.NET technologies can be integrated securely.

Mining User Behaviors

If your university or organization has collected a large database of web statistics, you probably know that you have a goldmine of consumer and behavioral data. But the stats need to be mined to make meaningful business decisions. We can help by building data warehouses and  datamines based on your statistics.

Have you visited Amazon.com and wondered how they did all those cool personalization? We can do the same for your business.

Sophisticated  Usage Statistics

Go beyond the web sever and proxy server log analysis, and marry the web usage into your organizations research and spending habits — what your organizations are searching for, and how they are utilizing the web.

Search Engines and Ranking Technology

Have content? We will organize and rank them for relevancy using proximity, CrowWords (a proprietary technology that mixes keywords and human based categorization), and constellations.

Really Really Deep Linking

If you have built an encyclopedia, you know what we are talking about when we say deep linking. If not, give us a call to license our CrowBot to  implement deeply embedded hyperlinks of related contents for bibliographic linking, or integration of merchandise with content pages.