Profile Matching

Profile Matching is our technology to discover hidden gems in customer data mines based on their behavior patterns (surfing patterns, social media engagement, and purchasing patterns).

Profile Matching is the technology that gives Google and Facebook algorithms its power. We make the same technology available for small and medium businesses.

Connecting the Dots

Data mining is the proverbial “connecting the dots”. You use scattered and disparate data points to cull meaningful intelligence and discover new opportunities.

Source of Our Data Points

Our algorithms are able to use all kinds of data points. Some examples:

  • Google Analytics
  • Alternate Analytics (such as Piwik)
  • Sales data from Apple AppStore
  • Exports from CRM Systems such as Salesforce and SugarCRM and QuickBooks
  • Purchase Histories
  • Aging Reports
  • Newsletter Logs
  • Webserver Logs
  • Chat Logs