Websites for Small Businesses (We Build Apps Too!)

By popular request, we are bringing our “Websites for Small Businesses” plan back!

Unlike most of the “discount websites” available on the web today, our plan does involve a human and is truly customized for your business, home-owner’s association, or community.

Our basic plan that involves the following services:

  • Searching for an available name, making recommendations to the domain name
  • Purchase of the domain (for one year), set it up for web-hosting
  • Web hosting space for one year
  • A face-to-face meeting with customer to discuss objectives, ambitions, and competition
  • Design of website depending on customer’s logo, look and feel (up to 10┬áhours)
  • Setup of initial pages by integrating the content and pictures provided by customer
  • Consulting on how to promote the website, including search engine optimization advice

Our plans start at $1,999 for the first year. We believe every small business needs one!

Why Hire CyberCrow When You Can Hire So Many Others

  • The work we do for you is owned by you (not by us) — try that with Yellow Pages or Advertisement Agencies — we repeatedly hear customers trying to fire their website companies and cannot do so due to intellectual property issues.
  • No contracts — even if you fire us, you can take the website (design and finished product) with you.
  • Hire us for our expertise in dealing with search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Hire us because of our ability to deliver millions of pages of advertisement impressions on our network.