Our pricing is very simple and easy to understand.  Everything we do, we charge by the hour, in 15 minute intervals. You will be provided with a statement on which activity took how much time.

Activities that have a cost payable to others (like Google or FaceBook) have a ratio that is adjusted to the billing.

All of the work we do require a retainer agreement. If you don’t know how much you will use us, please consider our Flex Retainer.

Flex Retainer (Prepaid Block of Time)

Our most popular plan, the Flex Retainer program is like hiring a  team of web developers, branding and marketing professionals to join your organization. It ensures you always have a dedicated point of contact, get priority turn around and have the flexibility to engage our agency for a variety of ongoing services on a monthly basis. It also creates accountability, a block-of-time that you can use during the entire year till it depletes.

Monthly Retainer (Monthly Recurring Plan)

Monthly retainer is a payment plan for businesses who want predictability and spread of expense throughout the year. Your account manager will determine a monthly plan based on your needs.  All our services can be utilized in this method.

Webhosting (Yearly Recurring Cost)

We offer cloud hosting as a convenience for our clients. An accompanying retainer is needed.